Character Creation FAQ

How do I Join the Space Corps//create a character?

To create a character, just talk to me. You can do it here, or on Twitter, or Mastodon, or even Of Many Trades. Go ahead and Create an Account then, be sure to have at least an idea of the following information:

  • Your character’s name
  • Your character’s interests
  • Your character’s Species
  • Your character needs a job on the ship (see the list of jobs at the bottom of this post, or create your own.)
  • How involved do you want to be
    • (Do you want to be on air? If so, that’s awesome! Just let me know so I can explain how that works.
    • Do you just want to participate in the forum? That’s cool! Just let me know so I don’t explain how doing stuff on air will work.)
  • Beyond that, think about your motivations. Think about your character’s history.

Then just reach out to me, and we’ll talk through it, and get your character spun up.

Available Jobs

Most Space Corps ships have the following departments:

  • Bridge Crew (including navigation)
  • Science team (including Xenobiology, astrophysics, and chemistry)
  • Engineering/Electrical Engineering/Mechanical Engineering (to keep the ship running.)
  • Arts team (artists and photographers to document all the weird stuff they find.)
  • Medical Team (because The Space Corps does emergency response, and also because people get hurt sometimes.)
  • The only notable absence is a security team. These are civilian ships, and are not equipped with weaponry.
  • Beyond that, many ships have various other roles. If there is something that you’re passionate about, you can probably do it. Let’s talk about that.

Naming Conventions:


Randross names tend to be short and forceful. Often they are two stressed syllables. (ex: Jer’Pa, Tu’Ker.)

They also, usually, have a “title” that serves as their last name. This is an honorific assigned to them by their community.

Example titles:

  •  HUMAN TICKLER (but he’s embarrassed about it)

Beyond that, there are not really any rules. Have fun. HA’FUN


Verbenubi have two first names. A Given name and a Chosen name. The choose their chosen name at some point towards the end of their adolescence. Their names are strongly influenced by human pop-culture, especially ‘ancient’ human pop-culture.

This is a suggestion, not a rule. Verbenubi can have names that are not pop-culture related.

Their last names tend to be polysyllabic messes. Think “Markar’fargensnuuter-menjehns.” Humans tend to ignore these last names entirely. The Randross will often attempt to use their last name in conversation, fail to pronounce it correctly, and not notice.

A typical exchange:


“Close enough Wookie. Well. Not wookie. Wookie-esque. What was that thing from Labyrinth…”


It’s 1000 years from now, so you know, some names are the same. “George” is a 1000 year old name already, right? Some names are new and spacey “Jeph”, “Klatu”. Get creative, or don’t.

Language rules:


The Randross are very articulate, but they also never stop shouting. They often refer to others by the name of their species, rather than by individual names. (ex: HUMAN! I FOUND THAT THE SOCIAL NUANCE OF OUR RECENT ENCOUNTER WITH THE NERD CALLED KA-ELL WAS LOST ON HIM. I, HOWEVER, FULLY UNDERSTOOD THAT SOCIAL NUANCE. SEE, IT IS IN THIS WAY THAT THE RANDROSS AND THE NERDS ARE DIFFERENT. [stage whisper, still shouting] AND THE RANDROSS CLEARLY SUPERIOR.)


The Verbenubi are super excitable. They tend to love… everything, and with some passion. Show them a new rock, and they will talk about the new rock for hours. They just like stuff.

They speak English. Most of them are a little squeaky sometimes. They tend to use too many words.

They don’t really understand pronouns, because they are essentially non-binary. They’ve consumed a lot of pop-culture, so they’ve been exposed to enough examples that they mostly get it, and they are Incredibly respectful of the language preferences of others, but it is apparent that they don’t always understand.

They litter their speech with scifi technobabble. They understand one another’s technobabble. This technobabble is essentially them applying stuff they heard on old earth sci-fi to science concepts that they actually understood. When they say they “reversed the polarity of the neutrino field”, they probably did reverse something, and it probably did fix the problem.


New recruits and volunteers are called “Cadets” ex: Cadet Grayson.

Most people on the ship are just “Crewperson” or collectively “Crewpeople” Ex Crewperson Smalls.

The Captain is the Captain.

All other senior crew members are referred to as “Officer $lastname”, except in the event that they served in the Space Patrol or the Solar Guard, in which case it is customary to continue to refer to them by their rank within that organization. (EX: Lt. Bernhardt)

There are finer levels of rank designation, but most crewpeople ignore them, forgot them, or never learned them.